Latex rubber Stability Test



Latex rubber Stability Test Secomak (formerly Klaxon Signals Ltd) are the only worldwide manufacturers of the Klaxon Latex Stability Testing Machine. For quality and reliability please only accept the original product. The machines are used to determine the mechanical stability of natural or synthetic latex to the following standards:



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Latex rubber Stability Test

- BS 6057 PART 3 SECTION 3.1 (ISO 35) and BS 6057 PART 3 SECTION 3.14 (ISO 2006).

- ASTM Designation D1076 - 88 Standard Specification for Rubber - Concentrated, Ammonia Preserved, Creamed and - Centrifuged Natural Latex.

- ASTM Designation D1417 - 90 Standard Test Methods for Rubber Latices - Synthetic

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