VITEK® 2 Compact




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Focus on Achieving Excellence in Identification
Using our Strong Expertise in Microbial Identification we have developed the next generation for laboratories worldwide.
User interface screen for immediate notification of system status to increase productivity.
Unique vacuum filler provides both safety and the highest level of automation.
New reader eliminates many manual steps:

- An automated internal barcode scanner provides a validation of what the user has entered into the software
- An automated loading mechanism eliminates manual steps by the user increasing efficiency
- Reads every 15 minutes for greater speed in identification
- Automatically prints the results when available, if configured to do so, giving you flexibility.
Designed for simple temperature verification.
Completed tests are automatically ejected into an ergonomic trash container.

Our unique VITEK test card has been redesigned for VITEK 2 Compact.
Each test card now has:

- wells gives more tests for greater accuracy.
- A pre-inserted transfer straw means less manual steps.
- And a unique barcode identifier ensures quality and fulltraceability.

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