Vidas Listeria monocytogenes II ( LMO2)


Detection of Listeria monocytogenes in food products and environment
Run: 70 minutes
Turn around Time: 2 Days
Ref. 30704 – 60 tes


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VIDAS LMO2 is a single-dose test composed of a strip containing the ready-to-use reagents and a SPR (Solid Phase Receptacle)
coated with specific antibodies.
Reliable results
The fully automated VIDAS analyser performs all the steps in the test and prints out the result: positive or negative samples

VIDAS LMO2 is validated
by AFNOR (BIO 12/11 – 03/04) for all food and environmental samples
by AFNOR (BIO 12/09 – 07/02) for all food (except raw products) and environmental samples (harmonized protocol with VIDAS LIS)
by AOAC OMA Official Method N° 2004.02 for all food (harmonized protocol)
by NordVal, N° 2005-30-5408-00040 for all food and environment
by EMMAS, Report N° 37489
by Health Canada, MFLP 33
by Chinese government SN/T 0973

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