Count-Tact® Range 


- in compliance with current standards
- performing at least as expected specifications
- validated and tested in their applications (detection, enumeration)
- designed to withstand adverse storage and transport conditions
- tested for you at each stage of their production


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Count-Tact® Range                                                                                                                   Security through Innovation

-The reference in environmental microorganism detection and/or enumeration.

-For use in complete safety:

-The validation of Count-Tact media demonstrated their neutralizing capacity with regard to commonly used antiseptics.

-The presence of 4 neutralizing agents, lecithin, polysorbate 80, L-histidine and sodium thiosulfate inactivates most residual disinfectants.

-Fertility testing, for each lot produced, includes the enumeration of the strains recommended by pharmacopeias (U.S.P, E.P, J.P).

-Stability is established in real time and includes thermal shocks in order to account for extreme temperature variations liable to be encountered under exceptional circumstances.

-Reliability of collections:

-Count-Tact FIX SYSTEM™ plates guarantee the quality of collections by limiting the risk of accidental opening.

-The Count-Tact Applicator standardizes surface collections in terms of time and pressure.

-The BI-BOX is a sterile box for collecting, transporting and incubating 10 Count-Tact plates.

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